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B68. Coconut Coir Waste for Food

This innovation was created to accelerate the degradation of coconut coir lignin, thus it could be used further for the growth medium of white oyster mushroom. Mushroom products cultivated in coco fiber are safer than using wood sawdust. Incubation time 28 days and productivity 120 g /baglog/harvest. The white oyster mushroom has higher calorific value, vitamin C and fats, but lower carbohydrates.


North Sulawesi has a coconut plant of 267,350.79 ha. Coconut fiber waste is abundant and becomes a problem because it is difficult to degrade.

Innovation Excellence

  • It is simple and environmentally clean technology.
  • It optimizes wood waste
  • It is applicable for rural people

Potential Application

This technique could be applied to locations around the coast that
have coconut plants.

Inovator (Innovators)

Nama : Margaretta Christita, dan Ady Suryawan
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