The Research, Development and Innovation Agency (FORDA), the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MoEF) has been dedicated to building knowledge of Forestry and the Environment for almost 107 years. During this period, the dynamics of forestry and the environment were highly increased both nationally and globally that were interconnected. The challenge of managing and using natural resources are to use them in a sustainable and balanced way. The global agenda of sustainable consumption and production (Sustainable Consumption and Production becomes a new stream as a follow-up to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). At the beginning of the new period of advanced Indonesia, I hope that FORDA will further strengthen the role of good knowledge in production and narrating the development of Forestry and the environment.

Now, entering 2020, in the industrial era 4.0, FORDA must continue to prioritize new ways of working across borders with synergy of resources, strengthen competent human resources, make the dynamics of the MoEF top priority, open wide public communication and get closer to the site , strengthening networks and outreach, and building science-based public narratives. The "business as usual" routine work attributes are immediately released to make strategic leaps.

Welcome to enter a new work period, maintain your reputation and continue to build the image of the institution.


Dr. Agus Justianto
Director General of FORDA