Towards “Onward Indonesia”

The acceleration of development towards “Onward Indonesia” has forced the Forest and Environment Research, Development and Innovation Agency (FORDA) to start releasing the attributes of the “business as usual” in order to make strategic leaps. FORDA consistently develops new working ways across borders. It is carried through by synergizing resources, strengthening human resources, putting the dynamics in environment and forestry development as a top priority, widening public communication and getting closer to the ground reality, strengthening networks and outreach, as  well as building science-based public narratives.

Changes to be better often leads to turbulence. In the virtual digital era and circular economy, institutional adjustments are needed. Issues of synergy and effectiveness are still coloring the wheels of the changes in the FORDA.

Facing the plan to integrate all research and development institutions into the National Agency for Research and Innovation (BRIN) and the plan to implement the Draft Bill of Job Creation (Omnibus Law), FORDA is preparing establishment of a new institution. An institution that is prepared to enter a new paradigm of environmental and forestry management. Through this institution, guidelines for environmental and forestry management will be developed. Moreover, it will serve as a control over the entire formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation process as well as the enforcement of all environmental and forestry management-related policies.

This new institution has been being developed through a long discussion process, resulting in a design of Environmental and Forestry Instrument Standardization Agency (BSI LHK). Standard procedures and guidelines for Environmental require broad scientific analysis.

This institutional restructuring process makes FORDA ready to work "extra ordinary" and dare to leave its comfort zone and apply new, more dynamic working ways. Creative and solution mindset must be continuously improved, which can bring us to a better situation in order to realize “Onward Indonesia” as a guide in the life of the nation and state in the future, including infrastructure development, human resource development and job creation. FORDA also strengthens its role in providing knowledge, both in producing and in narrating policies of forestry and environmental development.

FORDA already has research professors who will take the lead responsibility on the forestry and environmental management. Until at the end of 2020, FORDA has 27 active research professors. Science and technology are references for interpreting and understanding the entire concept of environment, as well as becoming a tool for exploring and optimizing natural resources to meet human needs. Science must not be stop, science continues to be explored, because the mysteries of nature are wider than what we know.

At the moment of the 75th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia, there is a humble expectation that FORDA will continue to take the lead in underpinning forestry and environmental development, as the front line of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. Whatever the form of the institution, science must keep working.

Longevity Republic of Indonesia!

Keep up the work spirit, Onward FORDA, Onward MoEF, Onward Indonesia!

Dr. Agus Justianto
Director General