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B70. Simple Water Rooting

Water rooting is a vegetative propagation technique (cuttings) by using water as a medium. The cutted material is tucked in styrofoam and placed on the water. The water is replaced every week, and after the root growing, the cuttings are immediately transferred to a seedling media.


Vegetative propagation of cuttings generally uses sand or rice husks mixture and coconut powder, and placed in a moist hood. Water Rooting Technique (TWR) is created to obtain simpler technique because it does not require special tools and skills in the application

Keunggulan Inovasi

  • It could be applied for the vegetative propagation of easily cutted species.
  • It is simple, practical and economical

Potential Application

Could be applied for the provision of seedlings that are easily propagated by vegetative cuttings, especially for water resistant species such as swamp plants.

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