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B69. Alternative Media for Mushroom: Cheap and Easy White Oyster Mushroom Cultivation

Cheap and easy way in producing white oyster mushroom media was invented to simplify the white oyster mushroom cultivation media. Alternative media for mushroom was made by mixing coconut husk waste and bran. The husk which have been mixed with bran could replace current mushroom cultivation media dextros which is relatively expensive. Mixing bran into the coconut husk is not only used for media but also to improve lignin degradation process in the coconut husk waste.


Coconut husk utilization for white oyster mushroom media is replacing current media dextros, which is relatively expensive. It is not only for mushroom media, bran addition into coconut husk speeds up lignin degradation of coconut husk.

Innovation Excellence

  • It utilizies coconut husk waste.
  • It replaces relatively expensive mushroom media.
  • It speeds up coconut husk degradation .

Potential Application

The utilization of coconut husk for cultivation mushroom media could be applied in the area where coconut husk waste is abundantly available .

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